October scavenger hunt


1a) Learning to cite and source – Scavenger hunt

1b)What is originality? Undetected plagiarism.

~Dean Inge

2a) by-nc-sa

This means that you have to share who the image is by, you can’t use the images for commercial purposes, and you have to share it alike–share the image under a similar license that you found it under.


2b) A place that you can search for creative commons photos for free, is the Google Advanced Image Search I think that this websight is really good, but I like the Compfight page better.



4) Am I free to copy facts and ideas?

“Yes. You are free to report the facts and ideas embodied in another person’s article or web page. Copyright only protects the expression — the combination of words and structure that expresses the factual information — not the facts themselves.”

~The Bloggers’ Legal Guide

This means that you can copy the general ideas, but not the exact words.

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