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What I got done today


Where am I now: I am about half done my research   Where do I hope to be at the end of today: almost done my research, or at least have gotten a lot of information   Where I actually am at the end of today: Found a lot of good sights, and I will […]

October scavenger hunt


1a) Learning to cite and source – Scavenger hunt 1b)What is originality? Undetected plagiarism. ~Dean Inge 2a) by-nc-sa This means that you have to share who the image is by, you can’t use the images for commercial purposes, and you have to share it alike–share the image under a similar license that you found it under.   […]

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Why is the French revolution important to the development of women’s rights in Europe?


That is my new inquiry question! Yesterday, when we started the process for creating a new inquiry question, I realized that the French Revolution would be a very interesting topic to work on, so I thought of a question similar to the title of this blog post. Today I fine tuned the question, and turned […]

First inquiry reflection


I think some of the best feedback that we got was from Annica (Anemone). She said: “I suggest simplifying the information so it’s easy to follow, and don’t read of the screen!” Yes, the feedback she gave us was very useful because for next time, we will present our inquiry in a way that the […]

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