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Dracula fishbowl #2


For my second fishbowl discussion, the topic I chose was: Why does Dracula only drink the blood of English women? Why doesn’t he drink, say, Jonathan Harker’s blood when he has the chance? Why is Lucy Dracula’s first target? What makes her vulnerable? What does this say about attitudes towards women at the time? My thesis for […]

Dracula fishbowl discussion #1


Our first Dracula fishbowl discussion was a few weeks ago. My discussion topic was: Bram Stoker is often credited with the creation of the vampire archetype. How was Dracula a caricature of people in his time and how are modern vampire characters different to that caricature? How does the change in the archetype reflect changes […]

Reading Dracula


When I first started Dracula, it took me a while to get into it with the older language and everything, but once I got used to it, I really liked it. I was avidly reading it for about 3 weeks and was really enjoying it. Then, at around chapter 20 I got bored. I’m not […]

Dracula chapter 17 summery


Chapter 17 starts out from Dr. Steward’s diary with a telegram from Mina Harker to Van Helsing stating that she would be coming to London by train, and that Jonathan was at Whitby. Van Helsing gives Dr. Steward a copy of Jonathan’s diary from Castle Dracula and Mina’s Diary from Whitby for him to study. […]

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iSearch project


One of our projects for iHub Reads 2015 is called iSearch. What we had to do was find a detail in our book that stood out to us and that we wanted to know more about, and find out all you can about that detail–what it is and why you think it was included in […]

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Dracula, Bram Stoker: Chapter 3 summery


We are reading Dracula in school right now, and each chapter is going to be summarized by a student on their blog. The first chapter that I need to give a summary for is chapter 3. At the end of chapter two, Jonathan Harker finally realizes that Count Dracula is keeping him prisoner in the […]

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Population project


This week, we are learning about population. Today, we got a set of data, and we had to form a question and make a graph to represent it. My group’s question was: how do the populations of the countries in North American change from 1950, 1980, and 2010?               […]

Grade 10 grad plan


*= exam for this course Grade 10: Math*, Science*, Social Studies, English*, PE,  French 10, and Planning Grade 11: Math, Science, English, Socials* Grade 12: English*, 3 other courses, Grad transitions I would like to be accepted into University of British Columbia and take the Professional Development Program (PDP)    

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What happened this week


This week at inquiry hub, a few things happened. On Tuesday, a group of us went to the space centre. We went to different shows, and looked around for a few hours. It was fun and I learned a lot. On Wednesday, we had the second round of iHub Reads. Mr. Soiseth, Michael, Chloe, William, […]

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Board game design project


This week for science, we have been doing a game design project. You have to create some kind of a biology game that teaches you about the food chain, biomes, and other aspects, and Shauna, Hannah, and I are all working together. For our game, each person has a canadian biome, and you try to build […]

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