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What happened this week


This week at inquiry hub, a few things happened. On Tuesday, a group of us went to the space centre. We went to different shows, and looked around for a few hours. It was fun and I learned a lot. On Wednesday, we had the second round of iHub Reads. Mr. Soiseth, Michael, Chloe, William, […]

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Board game design project


This week for science, we have been doing a game design project. You have to create some kind of a biology game that teaches you about the food chain, biomes, and other aspects, and Shauna, Hannah, and I are all working together. For our game, each person has a canadian biome, and you try to build […]

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What happened this week at school


Not too much happened earlier in the week. Basically, we gave our last middle school presentations and did a lot of Social Studies.We also got new fish for our aquaponics system this week. We got 11 more feeder fish, 2 guppies, and 2 frogs. Today, Gabe noticed that one of the frogs is a mutant […]

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