September 12th to September 27th, 2012


September 12

Today I have learned that creating an inquiry question is not as easy as it sounds.  Being in the community and global issues group, my partner and I thought of a question around Libya, and human rights. We tried to research this topic, but soon realized that it was to broad, and with all of the attention that Libya has been getting lately, it was hard to find what we wanted. Then we switched to human rights in Uganda, and that is currently what we are doing. Tomorrow I hope to get more research done, because we didn’t get that much done today, as we kept switching our topic.


September 13


Today, we made some smaller questions, to help us answer our main questions. I researched the Ugandan government the whole time. I found some good information, and learned a lot. Tomorrow I hope to keep researching the government, and rights.


September 18th


Both today, and yesterday, we have been researching the government, and colonial history of Uganda. Yesterday we found a website with a lot of good information on it, so that is what we have been using. Today I have also started to put the power point together.


September 19th


Today we have almost finished our project, we typed out the rest of our power point today.  On Monday, we are going to go over the power point, and make sure that it includes everything it needs to. It’s nice to almost be done our project in time for the 4-day weekend! During the weekend, I am going to look for pictures, to put into the presentation.


September 26th

Today, my partner and I finished up putting our pictures into our power point, and now we are done our project! For the rest of the time, I worked on math: I did a math test, and then I started a new unit.


September 27th

Today, because we were dong our inquiry project, my partner and I worked on Social Studies. I did my final project for the unit I am doing in Socials, and I did my project on prezi.

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