What happened this week at school


Not too much happened earlier in the week. Basically, we gave our last middle school presentations and did a lot of Social Studies.We also got new fish for our aquaponics system this week. We got 11 more feeder fish, 2 guppies, and 2 frogs. Today, Gabe noticed that one of the frogs is a mutant and has 3 arms.

Last night  was the iHub Open House. The point of this was to hopefully get people interested in iHub so more students will come next year. Hannah, Shauna, Joey, Josh and I basically did the same presentation that we have been giving to all the middle schools for the past week, except the teachers also talked. Quite a few people came; the classroom was more then half full. After all the presentations, the volunteers divided off into of twos and gave tours to groups of about 8 people. I was with Owen, and people seemed pretty interested, especially one dad who I think was more interested then his kid. After all the groups were finished their tours, people walked around looking at the different stations and talked to each other and to the teachers.

When kids first arrived, they were told to write their names down on a large sheet of paper so that we could see an estimate of how many students came. About 30 names were written down, and I would guess that maybe 15 or so will actually wind up coming to the school.

Could you be friends with a protagonist of your novel?


I’m not sure if I could be friends with the protagonist in my novel. I am currently reading the hunger games (again), and I have mixed feelings about being friends with her. I like her as a protagonist in the story and can relate to her in some ways, but I also think that we are very different people.

Katness is a very tough, strong person, which is why I’m not sure we could be friends. I’m tough in some ways, but not in the sense that I could actually kill someone or defend myself very well in her position. However, I can relate to her because we both have younger sisters. If the hunger games were a real thing in toady’s world and my sister got chosen to fight, I would also go instead of her. I’m not saying I would win (I wouldn’t) but I would defiantly switch places with her like katness did in the hunger games. Katness is a very driven person, which I admire. She fights for what she believes in which is crucial in the hunger games. Another reason why I don’t think we could be friends, is that I am much more girly and wimpy then she is. She goes out into the forest and kills animals to sell and to eat—I don’t think that I’d be able to stomach doing that. I think that I’m more like her younger sister, Prim in that sense.

May 2nd


Today we had time to do what we wanted, using the boxes. Shauna, Hannah, and I played with the building one first for a few minutes. We were making a structure with magnets, but then that got boring so we got out the probability box and played with the cards. For about half an hour we played rummy, cheat, and spoons. Then we wanted to play with more people, so we played speed and spoons with two teachers. It was really intense! From cheat, I learned that the more cards you have, the more chances you have to know if someone is cheating. Today was really fun, and I hope we can play with the boxes again soon!

Revised infographic


Here is our revised info graphic that we changed after we got feedback



Here is a very bad, and boring infographic:
























Today in class, we made our own version! Here it is:

Come to Green Inquiry!


Come check out the environmental blog that a few of my friends and I have! We post updates involving the community garden that we are planning, our inquires, our fish, ect.! Green Inquiry

The end of civilization: Children of Men

  1.  Describe scientific basis, if any, for movie’s plot

In this movie, humans may be going extinct, because women can’t have children anymore, but when a pregnant women is found, one man rushes to get her to safety so she can have her baby, and restore civilization. This scenario is a problem of the haploid cells, and or meiosis. Infertility in men has been found to be lowered by BPA and junk food, and in men, 5 to 15% of sperm were found to be healthy enough to be classified as normal.


  1.  To what extent would it be reasonable to worry about this scenario

This scenario is possible, but not probable. At the moment, there are an estimated 7 billion people in the world, and an approximated 2 billion humans, are children. So in our lifetime, over population is a more realistic worry, then under population.


What I got done today


Where am I now: I am about half done my research


Where do I hope to be at the end of today: almost done my research, or at least have gotten a lot of information


Where I actually am at the end of today: Found a lot of good sights, and I will get the information from them tomorrow!

Why is the French revolution important to the development of women’s rights in Europe?


That is my new inquiry question! Yesterday, when we started the process for creating a new inquiry question, I realized that the French Revolution would be a very interesting topic to work on, so I thought of a question similar to the title of this blog post. Today I fine tuned the question, and turned it into what it is now. Then I went to talk to my teacher about it, and he was very enthusiastic! After that, I wrote my inquiry up on the “wonder wall” (a big white board which so far we have been using to write our inquiry questions on). Writing my question up on the wall made me very accomplished! Since then, I have been filling out my inquiry planning sheet, and starting on my research. Tomorrow I hope a get a lot more research done!

First inquiry reflection


I think some of the best feedback that we got was from Annica (Anemone).

She said: “I suggest simplifying the information so it’s easy to follow, and don’t read of the screen!”

Yes, the feedback she gave us was very useful because for next time, we will present our inquiry in a way that the audience will enjoy better, and hopefully, it will be more like an inquiry, then a project. The key thing that I learned from our first inquiry, was that you have to choose a topic thats not too big and broad, but well known enough that there is good information about it.

I think that next time I might need help with choosing a topic, and constricting a question, that will be easier to answer, then our last one.


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