Could you be friends with a protagonist of your novel?


I’m not sure if I could be friends with the protagonist in my novel. I am currently reading the hunger games (again), and I have mixed feelings about being friends with her. I like her as a protagonist in the story and can relate to her in some ways, but I also think that we are very different people.

Katness is a very tough, strong person, which is why I’m not sure we could be friends. I’m tough in some ways, but not in the sense that I could actually kill someone or defend myself very well in her position. However, I can relate to her because we both have younger sisters. If the hunger games were a real thing in toady’s world and my sister got chosen to fight, I would also go instead of her. I’m not saying I would win (I wouldn’t) but I would defiantly switch places with her like katness did in the hunger games. Katness is a very driven person, which I admire. She fights for what she believes in which is crucial in the hunger games. Another reason why I don’t think we could be friends, is that I am much more girly and wimpy then she is. She goes out into the forest and kills animals to sell and to eat—I don’t think that I’d be able to stomach doing that. I think that I’m more like her younger sister, Prim in that sense.

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