The end of civilization: Children of Men

  1.  Describe scientific basis, if any, for movie’s plot

In this movie, humans may be going extinct, because women can’t have children anymore, but when a pregnant women is found, one man rushes to get her to safety so she can have her baby, and restore civilization. This scenario is a problem of the haploid cells, and or meiosis. Infertility in men has been found to be lowered by BPA and junk food, and in men, 5 to 15% of sperm were found to be healthy enough to be classified as normal.


  1.  To what extent would it be reasonable to worry about this scenario

This scenario is possible, but not probable. At the moment, there are an estimated 7 billion people in the world, and an approximated 2 billion humans, are children. So in our lifetime, over population is a more realistic worry, then under population.


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