What happened this week at school


Not too much happened earlier in the week. Basically, we gave our last middle school presentations and did a lot of Social Studies.We also got new fish for our aquaponics system this week. We got 11 more feeder fish, 2 guppies, and 2 frogs. Today, Gabe noticed that one of the frogs is a mutant and has 3 arms.

Last night  was the iHub Open House. The point of this was to hopefully get people interested in iHub so more students will come next year. Hannah, Shauna, Joey, Josh and I basically did the same presentation that we have been giving to all the middle schools for the past week, except the teachers also talked. Quite a few people came; the classroom was more then half full. After all the presentations, the volunteers divided off into of twos and gave tours to groups of about 8 people. I was with Owen, and people seemed pretty interested, especially one dad who I think was more interested then his kid. After all the groups were finished their tours, people walked around looking at the different stations and talked to each other and to the teachers.

When kids first arrived, they were told to write their names down on a large sheet of paper so that we could see an estimate of how many students came. About 30 names were written down, and I would guess that maybe 15 or so will actually wind up coming to the school.

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