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What happened this week at school


Not too much happened earlier in the week. Basically, we gave our last middle school presentations and did a lot of Social Studies.We also got new fish for our aquaponics system this week. We got 11 more feeder fish, 2 guppies, and 2 frogs. Today, Gabe noticed that one of the frogs is a mutant […]

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Could you be friends with a protagonist of your novel?


I’m not sure if I could be friends with the protagonist in my novel. I am currently reading the hunger games (again), and I have mixed feelings about being friends with her. I like her as a protagonist in the story and can relate to her in some ways, but I also think that we […]

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May 2nd


Today we had time to do what we wanted, using the boxes. Shauna, Hannah, and I played with the building one first for a few minutes. We were making a structure with magnets, but then that got boring so we got out the probability box and played with the cards. For about half an hour […]

Revised infographic


Here is our revised info graphic that we changed after we got feedback



Here is a very bad, and boring infographic:                                               Today in class, we made our own version! Here it is:

Come to Green Inquiry!


Come check out the environmental blog that a few of my friends and I have! We post updates involving the community garden that we are planning, our inquires, our fish, ect.! Green Inquiry

The end of civilization: Children of Men


 Describe scientific basis, if any, for movie’s plot In this movie, humans may be going extinct, because women can’t have children anymore, but when a pregnant women is found, one man rushes to get her to safety so she can have her baby, and restore civilization. This scenario is a problem of the haploid cells, […]

What I got done today


Where am I now: I am about half done my research   Where do I hope to be at the end of today: almost done my research, or at least have gotten a lot of information   Where I actually am at the end of today: Found a lot of good sights, and I will […]

October scavenger hunt


1a) Learning to cite and source – Scavenger hunt 1b)What is originality? Undetected plagiarism. ~Dean Inge 2a) by-nc-sa This means that you have to share who the image is by, you can’t use the images for commercial purposes, and you have to share it alike–share the image under a similar license that you found it under.   […]

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Why is the French revolution important to the development of women’s rights in Europe?


That is my new inquiry question! Yesterday, when we started the process for creating a new inquiry question, I realized that the French Revolution would be a very interesting topic to work on, so I thought of a question similar to the title of this blog post. Today I fine tuned the question, and turned […]

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